Underdogs and Majors that Make you Less Religious – chat transcript


you know I’ve been thinking one of the reasons I was ultimately willing to question religion
Is I tend to be a bit anti-authority
I’m slightly a conspiracy theorist
So I try to familiarize myself with dissenting viewpoints

Like I was more interested in the Axis powers in the world wars, because I thought I could be exposed to propaganda and revisionism without knowing it.
Or like when we were studying capitalism
I pretty quickly started reading about comunism
and read part of the communist manifesto
That’s how I am I guess. I tend to attach more weight to the minority opinion, because I’m a cynic
I don’t dismiss it as easily as others do without giving it more of a fair shake

LOKR:  yea u’re kinda like a rebel

anyway yea it’s teenage angst!


It might be, but it can be useful!

It’s not exactly critical thinking, but it does allow me to be a little more open minded to the underdog.

Here are the majors that make you less religious:



Anyway what is beautiful about this is multiple paths lead to Atheism. It’s like a truth that can be reached a thousand ways, and the contradictions or relevant realizations can come from anything. Everyone has their own story of how they realized a more accurate truth.


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