justifying apathy towards politics – letter

It’s worth noting other countries the left and right wings are different. For instance, a liberal in a socialist country would favor privatization, whereas here they would favor more government. A liberal is techincally just someone who favors changes, and a conservative someone who wants to keep the status quo. I wish we had more political parties to choose from than 2.

Politics is a trap I used to fall into following more closely, but I’ve seen how warped the social justice keyboard wariors become, and I want to hold myself to a calmer standard. There are youtubers that post prolifically about saving whales, and Japanese youtubers who laborously translate why they believe it’s right to kill the whales. Neither side has anything better to do. Certain people just feel the urge to have an identity, and get involved in some cause, and the cause can literally be anything convenient they can attach themself to. Feminism, Mennism, racial issues, partisan politics, whatever.

I think it’s something that matters more when you’re young or naive, and believe your vote makes a small difference. America is too big and centrally controlled for it to be worth paying much attention to current politics, anymore than as a topic of conversation, and even then there are better things to talk about. The cable news chanels are more about providing ephermal entertainment So people can feel informed when they start chats around the water cooler rather than fostering honest debate.

We all know that a Republican voting in California also has zero chance of influencing a major election. Even if his vote counted, it would only be for one of two possible canidates which is like those Chinese villagers who are told they can vote for one of three Communist party endorsed candidates. Presidential elections are more of an illusion of empowerment than anything else.

It’s nearly the same oligarchy in every country though, and I personally intend to stop wasting more years following current politics. Pretty much everyone has similar binary views on most issues, and it feels like a waste of time when I could be talking about a new topic and learning about something less trivial than sports or politics. I’ve heard it’s not such a common topic for people to bring up in most other developed countries, but Americans love debating about things they can’t actually control for some reason. I’ve often wondered why that is, and I think it has to do with an eronous belief that only we are special enough to have a true democracy.

P.S. Long ago only the educated landowners could vote. Now every idiot is free to cancel the vote of someone smarter. The ethical thing is to not vote unless you understand politics and who is qualified better than most people, otherwise you might vote for a maverick and cancel the vote of someone who did more research.


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