Secular Christians


Some Christians become so educated on the development of Christianity that they are practically Atheists. The main difference seems to be that they try to follow their interpretation of the teachings of the bible, without most of the supernatural elements. Any thoughts on these people?

These people can be hard to understand. Someone who claims to have a doctorates in computer science, actually linked me to a website that practically demolishes any reason to believe in Satan, without showing any cognitive dissonance.

I started reading this website to understand a viewpoint on secular Christianity, and at first glance the idea of a creed that focuses simply on the advancement of man might be an acceptable form of brainwashing / goal-setting. But you cannot separate that philosophy from the religious dogma, and the supernatural. That will always piggy-back on it unless you start an entirely new religion with it’s own scriptures.

There will always be sons of secular Christians who will do more harm than good when they read websites such as the one I linked to, and will decide to become fundamentalist. They will focus on the bullet points that say things like you need to stop doing good things or behaving rationally, and need to simply follow God’s word or bring more people to him, like a massive cult. Thus, in my opinion secular christianity is still sub-optimal to Atheism.

It is much better to be a good person because you want to be, without holding onto any false mysticism. It is better to have an open mind and absorb ideas from any source, without trying to pin yourself to one religion, (cough philosophy cough), as secular Christians tend to (otherwise they’d just call themselves spiritual.)


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