“Is Satan in the bible?” – Chat transcript

[8:42] UB: I asked the Catholic guy with the PHD who works for NASA if he believes in satan.

Do you believe in Satan?
not with the horns and tridents but metaphysically yes

Then I asked…
Satan doesn’t have a pitch fork and horns?

Nah, that’s not in the bible at all. Personally I doubt Satan is an actual person, but it’s rather ambiguous. Here’s a really good overview of the question

That was a great read. Then how can someone 1) be this educated on the development of Christianity 2) appreciate the appeal of paganism in anime without believing in it 3) and yet still hold onto the idea that people everyday are given to destruction by actual evil spirits in metaphysics?
[8:42] LOKR: idk there’s so much crap about the devil

[8:43] LOKR: there’s a glitch for the chat functionality

[8:44] LOKR: i ******* hate when i have to type again
just something about how everything is mixed up
myths, traditions, imaginations

[8:45] UB: Ah yes definitely. But many people don’t understand that.
They think Christianity is pure and unique and they feel special.
Because they understand it better than others

[8:46] LOKR: sprachbund
the effect where cultures mix and influence each other
esp true in europe

[8:47] UB: Ah. The religious studies word for sprachbund is syncretism.
syncretism = the intermingling of religions which leads to adoption of other gods and beliefs into that religion

[8:48] LOKR: man yea
i don’t care about western culture now !
[9:17] : so lame

[9:17] UB: I like how it relates to eastern culture though
similar cultures came up with similar gods and religions
this site I linked you to is great.
Yahewh (the God) controlled various other spirits later on
kind of like a leader
Satan was the Accuser or Prosecutor
So Satan was a cop!
Or a jailkeeper!
Or a lawyer!

[9:20] LOKR: haha the chief prosecutor!

Like I wrote in my last post, “The Devil” is the result of the amalgamation of multiple deities/entities into one. Some of them didn’t even come from Israel, and the Prometheus style story in the book of Enoch does seem rather Greek to me.


>(It still doesn’t justify the) mental gymnastics
I wouldn’t say studying the bible is a complete waste of time, but it’s something more suited to the liberal arts – (i.e. literature and history majors.) The guy from the picture in the OP has written that you can develop critical thinking from studying the bible. That sounds like an oxymoron, but I interpreted it to mean reading while trying to understand the perspective/motivations of the authors of the bible, which is a step higher than many Christians go who take it literally. (On the other hand, this is still close to the way certain religious Jewish teachers argue about different interpretations every day, and has led to all the warring religious factions.)
Now that blogger has accepted that parts of the bible are flawed, which is why I think he might be a Catholic. (However, I think his critical thinking would go a step higher if he accepted the possibility some authors had malicious intent, and wrote lies into the text, but I’m not sure if he has reached that level of openness. He is one step away from admitting the bible is more bullshit and lies than truth, but perhaps his Texas background holds him back. I’m refraining from asking him harder questions just to satisfy my curiosity, considering that his sensitive religious friends could read his answers.)
One trap we see all religious people falling into, is that in their desperation to have something to hold onto, they simply read far too much depth into the text. For example, compare the New King James version of Issiah with the NIV translation, which is the one that doesn’t use the word Satan. At first glance it looks like the passage is cursing the Babylonian king. However, Christian websites commonly claim Satan is the one being denounced in that part of the bible. (Isaiah 14:12-15)
A more critical forum would debunk that dogma, and say that it is one of the verses that led to lucifer’s name, and association with the falling star, (and even Venus!) Everything is mixed-up: the folklore, history, dogma, and syncreticism!


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