It’s wonderous that Christians didn’t embrace Communism

Communism: Embraced by Atheism or Christianity?


With the re-emergence of Christianity in Russia, and its rapid spread in China (10% Protestant growth rate), I want to know how did the Communists fail to impart lasting Atheism? It was a missed opportunity to banish the shadow of superstition in two of the most populous countries.

Something else that occurred to me, is you would expect more Christians to be supportive of Communism, and more Atheists to be supportive of Capitalism. It is interesting how Communism became associated with godlessness in America, and the church rallied against it, resulting in “In God we trust” on currencies, and throughout the government. As I’ll explain, “real” Christianity espouses values similar to Communism, and the two should synergize.

Communism is about rising above human instincts for a greater good, like rising above your animal passions through artificial controls which is what Christianity preaches. It is about working together. Without continuous fine tuning Communism can devolve into crony capitalism or a form of totalitarianism.
Capitalism is amoral/nihilistic, and is similar to natural evolution in that the rewards go to the strongest, and their offspring. It is individualistic. It requires no wise men, or guiding hand to continue to exist, unless too much power congregates in the hands of a few greedy individuals, who can then usurp control, and form own government and economic system.
In that sense Marx was right, and every economic system is bouncing along on a spectrum one inch removed from the totalitarian possibilities. Communism might be on the opposite extreme from forms of Capitalism and might allow many freedoms.
It might simply have appeared before it’s time. As technology and thinking advance, it might become viable and we will see a resurgence in a more peaceful and benevolent era, where enlightened people genuinely care for each other like brothers.
It could start in a heavily religious country, if the churches and cathedrals truly believed in practicing philanthropy, or egalitarianism. However they would need to choose to support the movement, rather than protecting their own interests and significant assets. That could easily explain why they resisted Communism, with quotes from the bible. (Luke 19:11)


David’s nihilistic teacher said everything in the world is meaningless, including learning & wisdom. There you go thinking again when you need to just stop. Stop trying to advance mankind or science; everything good that will ever be already exists according to Jews living in the Iron Ages. Just put your mind to sleep and be a sheep! Follow the state!


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