Evidence of multipe Gods in the bible


Psalm 82 -proves the writers of the Old Testament once believed God was once one of many Gods in the bible. With this discovery, I now think I have the smoking gem to prove the bible was polytheistic until it was edited centuries later. This psalm alone should be enough to dismiss the credibility and specialness of the bible for the rest of my days.

Basically, in it the author conceived God as a chief agod among Gods, like Zeus or Odin. Later the bible was edited, and authors also reinterpreted old scriptures as being manifestations of Yahweh.

I found this gem from a post on this site, that asks why God has so many retard moments in the bible:


Although this blog will focus on holding my own writings,there will be exceptions. I will copy paste posts other people have written from that thread below:

“Exactly. Monotheism and the modern concept of the Abrahamic god are read back into the Hebrew Bible. Take Psalm 82 for example – God directly addresses a council of other deities and condemns them to death for failing to aid the needy and oppressed. Doesn’t matter if that’s what the Hebrew plainly states, some translations will go to ridiculous and dishonest lengths to hide that part of the story. Check out some NIV from that passage – “God presides in the great assembly; he renders judgment among the ‘gods.'” Not the gods, but the “gods”, even if the source text is plainly talking about deities, not other characters that are being compared to deities. It’s literally the same word for God himself used earlier in the passage (elohim and elohim).”

“theres also the fact that OT was a Polytheistic book before the Deutoronomy edit. Passages that god is Kind and Wise? El Elyon. Passages he is warmongering and vindictive? Yahweh. Passages he blooms fields and conjures sustenance? Baal.”


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