Science & the Bible: Too many stars to make Earth special argument

Oh there’s an Atheist thread. In that case here is something I wrote yesterday:


Most Christians (in America) believe the Earth is about 6000 years old. They derive this by adding up the ages of the descendants of Adam until Jesus is born.

However there are trees older than how old Christians believe the world is. In the Mojave desert there is a tree that is 11,700 years old.

Basically all fields of science agree the Earth is much older, and millions of years old. 4.54 billion years old is the best estimate of Earth, and our sun was not the first sun created jn the universe. The universe itself is even older, and our estimate is 13.82 billion years.

Furthermore Genesis contains contradictions between chapters 1 and 2 in the order in which things were created.

What is especially amusing is God creates the Earth on the third day and then the rest of the universe on the 4th day. Trillions of suns, trillions of planets, and 100 billion galaxies, and our moon and the solar system were formed on the fourth day. (He created the plants and animals on a day after that, according to the Genesis 1.)

Creating our planet was actually more work and so God needed a break on the third day! Of course back then ancient people believed the stars were like little white jewels glued to the sky- they had no idea how far away they were, or how big or numerous they are.

On the 2nd day god parted the waters from the waters and called the expanse sky. What does this mean? It means ancient humans thought the sky was blue because there was water behind it, and sometimes God would open holes in the sky and water would fall to the Earth and it’s sea. That would explain rain.

The upshot of it is Christians believe our planet is more special than trillions of planets that are believed to exist in an impossibly vast universe. Christian myths hold that our sun and it’s planet was created first, Jesus came to our planet, and none of the rest of the universe matters – it will all be wiped away on Judegement Day, so why was it even created? How can this belief in the uniqueness of Earth be anything other than simple arrogance?

Earth is the third planet from an average medium-sized sun, on the edge of one of multiple arms of a normal spiral galaxy. There is nothing remarkable about our sun or it’s position in the galaxy at all. We have also already found hundreds of planets in other solar systems, and will probably eventually find ones capable of sustaining life. And yet Christians believe Earth is the center of the universe, because of what some ancient people said before telescopes were invented.

If we do meet aliens, perhaps they will have their own creation myths, perhaps about how their own Jesus came to save them? However, the pope has promised to be ready to baptize aliens. Which makes me believe the Catholic church believes we will always be more special than thousands of trillions of other planets that we haven’t even came into contact with yet.


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