Reincarnation > Heavenly afterlife – thread

Reincarnation > Heaven

Personally, I would rather be reincarnated infinitely than to live for eternity in heaven, because in heaven I would always have the same personality. In Buddhism I could be reborn as a poor man, a mafia prince, a a gold digger, a cheerleader, a slut, a pimp, a porn star, a famous actor, a solider, a ranger, an admiral, a housewife, an engineer, a slave, a star-ship pilot, or an artist. I could even be born as a dog, a bird, or an alien.

Each birth would give you a new personality, and you could be well mannered and humble in one life, and reprehensible in another. It would be fun to be inclined towards different thoughts and feelings depending on your biological body and the time and place you were born in. And then as a Buddhist, you would occasionally be able to remember them and learn from memories of your past lives.

In the Christian heaven once you die you are removed from having new Earthly experiences forever. Your personality is permanently sealed up, and you are lobotomized so you can praise God forever in heaven.

Isn’t Buddhism more evocative? Doesn’t it lend itself to more imaginative stories than Christianity?

Moreover, there would be challenges to make life interesting in the Buddhist world-view.

It has more potential than christianity, because reincarnation would apply to everyone regardless of their religion. Heaven only applies to the faithful.

Mormons believe that they become Gods and can create their own world. That would be cool, I’d recreate TES.

Reincarnation is just a spiritual metaphor for when you go to sleep and wake up the next day. Your “next life” gets better or worse depending on what you did in your “previous lives

I like the idea of reincarnation a lot more than heaven although if it were up to me I’d choose total annihilation.

I think the idea of eternity is absolutely terrifying and the people that desire it haven’t thought long about what exactly existing forever would entail. But that might just be me and my neurosis.

You might already know, but the goal of Buddhism is to escape from reincarnation since it is believed infinite lives causes eternal unease and suffering. So you can choose to stop existing in Buddhism which is not an option in Christianity.

On the other hand if you are exceptionally good you can also be reincarnated into a God, and experience some kind of sensual paradise, but you will then steadily lose karma until they’re reincarnated into a human or something lower. Only humans are able to break out of the cycle of reincarnation because animals are too stupid, and Gods are too drunk on sensual pleasure to focus on doing it.

On Identity death:

I would like to have my personality forever, if I wouldn’t, it wouldn’t be me anymore. You can’t be yourself, after reincarnated, if you are a totally different person. It’s either you, or someone else.

You can’t be everything, this is why I don’t think reincarnation makes any sense. It only makes sense if you like the foolish idea of a soul, the only way you could have different thinking and bodies yet still be the same person is to same the same soul, but soul is a idea and it’s silly in the first place.

You are the person thinking right now, if you were to die and be born again, but be totally different, you would not be yourself, that would be someone else.

I’d like to exist forever, thanks.

Also, what an assumption, what a big one would you make if you think everyone would be terrified of eternity. You haven’t lived 100 years to know if you want to live more or not, you think there aren’t old people that are old and still want to live? Some people end their lives at 20 because they are tired of life. Not everyone is.

You don’t even know what lies beyond our solar system, what great wonders could be explored if you were to live to “eternity”, it’s so selfish to think everyone would like to die at some point. I like the idea of living, the universe is not small.

A couple thousand years of additional life would be all fine and good but unending existence would be a curse if anything. Death gives you meaning you fool.

That is such an arbitrary number, you know jack shit about what is going to happen in the future, and maybe some people would kill want to live 2500 years, some 5000 years, you don’t know what people want. You don’t get to think for someone else.

Assuming there is even the possibility to live forever, you have some amazing abilities, so you could also choose to end your own life when you want too.

Death doesn’t give people a meaning, it gives them a time limit to rush on life, or else. You fool.

You don’t get it dude. You’re pursuing an engineering degree.


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