PSA: Is christianity functional enough to be ignored?

I wrote so many good posts on Atheism I can’t possibly save them all.
I’m gonna have to give up on the endeavor soon…
I’m just organizing a few key things out of that huge amount.

6 month of epic trolling

it was educational though. I know way more about religion, and religious arguments, and Atheism now
I’m starting to moderate a little too like I was before the binge. But some things have changed
I’m not sure if Christianity is amoral or evil. I think it might work for the lowest base of humans.
The question then is whether that class of humans can rise above, or if it is worth preserving.
Obviously religion exists to be made use of by the state.

So logically if I were a privileged dictator who wanted a homogenous population that would be easy to control I might encourage religion. If there were priests in place that I could not control, I might be ambivalent and accept them. If I were at ends with them I would want to crush them.

Should someone teach their kids it? I think it’s worth teaching them multiple religions to protect them, and then follow up with science. It is also good to bring them to church a few times so they have a cultural background. But you must teach everything, including encouraging them to think skeptically. (Especially around authority.)

There is no guarantee your kid will become an Atheist, but if you teach them how to think rationally they hopefully will. Or they will come back to it. The most important thing is to give them a better education than they would have had, if they were born into a religious family.

Oh and don’t let your relatives brainwash your kid. That’s the difference between Atheists and religious people – Atheists don’t mind sending their kids to churches as much, because they think the truth will win out (though this carries a danger with impressionable minds). Religious people fear dissent.


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