Nihilist carriculture – thread

i don’t love anyone, and no one ever loved me. love is a bunch of electronic signals kids believe in and i’m not a kid anymore, i don’t believe in fake stuff like “santa” or that the law should apply to me. this all came to me in a flash of joy when i was speed running “Shadow the Hedgehog,” which was the best game ever made and you should totally play it, except i don’t care what you do.

i believe in doing as I please – e il gioco è fatto. that is my only value. there is no Santa Clause to reward me or spank me, even if there were, I would only only obey if it were in my own self-interests, and I probably wouldn’t because I’d rather be a rebel. there is just nothing appealing to me about this diet religion called the “golden rule.”

nothing matters to me except my desires and love is a joke. “love” is just an illusion losers created to make sense of the chaos of energy and atoms randomly bouncing off each other, until they formed our primitive brains, and i hate what people call love. so, i don’t care about helping my species and when i die i hope the world world blows up with me and everyone has a painful death so i can laugh and watch how it ends. nothing will matter when i die. in fact nothing matters now. everything people say and what you’re about to say are just “lies” that won’t matter when you’re dead it’s so pathetic and i don’t even care anymore.

nihilism surfer.png


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