Muslims and Apostasy glad I’m not Muslim. Male or Female it makes little difference, you lose your property and your life. A woman may be beat every 3 days until she repents and returns to Islam. Family commonly kill those who turn Atheist or convert to other religions. That is why the Atheist population in those countries is nearly silent. I bet they even kill them in france, the uk, or us, like with their honor killings.
Apostasy_laws_in_2013.SVGFortunately, the unpleasant religious bigotry Americans have against Muslims, coupled with our secular traditions might shield Western Culture if Europe ever falls. But it is a global cancer we are going to have to deal with someday, if they do not with money, education, and the internet figure things out for themselves.  It is a stronger religion that tends to replace Christianity over time.

It is Tuesday night and I am writing from the computer in the driver’s room.  All I can say to you is that a person’s decision is what decides if someone spends eternity in Heaven or in Hell.  If you don’t repent and call upon Jesus as your savior, if you deny Him, He will deny you before the Father in Heaven.  Muslims are not a stronger religion, nor will they replace Christianity.  Read the Bible and decide for yourself.
On May 23, I am going to the observatory.  That night is the closest approach for Saturn all year and the observatory is open to the public.  I have been told that the rings of Saturn should be visible as well as the stripes on Jupiter, and the telescope will look at Venus as well.  I am looking forward to making that trip.

I don’t want anything do with an evil God. And Jesus had no interest
in helping us gentiles; “Paul” did and he started a new religion.Anyway I said Islam is a stronger religion because it has replaced
Christianity in most of the countries that were Christian throughout
the middle ages. Israel, Northern Africa, Turkey, and the Middle East
used to be mainly Christian. They tried to invade Spain and were
repelled after hundreds of years of bloody war.  They also had Sicily
and parts of southern europe, but then they started fighting each
other and the advance stopped.  Once a country turns Islamic it seems
to stay that way. Family kill those that try to leave the religion,
and Shari-a law is very repressive on science and free thought. It’s
like how Christianity used to be.


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