Multiple Gods in the Bible (& blue pills)

I was thinking about the Matrix and how much it was like waking up from the dream world of religion. I’m not surprised I’m not the only one to think that, as this guy lays out. I’ll probably never watch the movie the same way again. Atheists are surrounded by the blue pills.


Evidence of multple Gods in the bible:

I’ve realized there were multiple Gods in the bible. All those so-called demons were actually Jewish Gods, but later Christians renamed them demons once they decided there could only be one God.  Baal was one of the God of Canaan.   God doesn’t tell people not to worship Baal because he doesn’t exist, but because, “Thou shall have no other Gods before me.”

The Egyptian sorcerers use magic of their own when Moses tries to talk to Pharaoh. Lilith may have been based on an ancient Egyptian Goddess, and the serpent from the Garden of Eden was NOT Satan but an earlier divine entity. (The idea he was Satan was a false interpretation of an old legend by Christians once Satan was invented.)

Furthermore when God says in Genesis that he separated the waters from the darkness, it does not say he created the waters. This implies that some other entity predated God, or even created God.

On a side note, later Elijah tries to test which God is real by setting up altars to Baal and God and they take turns in calling their god to set their offerings on fire on some desert mountain where only a few hundred people lived. Back then people wanted evidence of God, unlike today! It’s tempting to think the story was based on reality, and there was some sleigh of hand when Elijah describes how the fire licked up the water spread in the trough (implying he doused his offering in something flammable rather than buckets of ‘water.’)

However, a more likely suggestion though is that the story is code. It describes how the cult of Yahweh killed the followers of a previous religion. It’s loaded with propaganda against their religion, because the victor always gets to write the history books.

We also have no archaeological evidence that the Jews were slaves in Egypt.  Exodus was written as propaganda to remind the Jews they had a powerful God that made them more “special” than the Egyptians. Meanwhile the Jews borrowed from the Egyptian culture constantly, because it was simply much more developed.  Israel’s folklore, technology, and culture all drew influence from Egypt.

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