Lilith was the first wife letter

This [questionable] link talks about how the cult of Yahweh (God) gradually replaced the earlier multi-god cults like Baal in Caanan in the OT. By the way, I figured out how the the prophet lit the logs on fire when Baal’s priests could not: remember how he brought vases of water to cover the logs?  The vases were full of oil not water! Maybe he used a magnifying glass or a piece of coal or something after that.  Afterward in the same chapter the bible says he ordered all the priests of Baal be killed, which explains how God became the do inant God in Israel.
Lilith is also interesting. I have found out the serpent in the garden of eden was not Satan, but from an earlier creation myth.This link is about Lilith: Adam’s first wife who is mentioned in later biblical literature, and who is probably alluded to in the bible. If I dove into it it could be that she’s also in the books that were left out of the bible.

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