Jesus King of the Jews letter

This post I found is great.  It’s the Abraham and Issac dilemma again.

Ask [Christians] the ancient greek philosophy question… “Is something good because it is good in and of itself or is good because God says it’s good?”

I asked a Mormon this and he said that anything god says is good must be good.

Then I asked him if god told him to travel to madison Wisconsin kill everyone there and burn it to the ground would he do it.

He replied he didn’t have that spiritual gift to hear God’s voice but the President of the Church of Later Day Saints was a Prophet and could receive a message from god that he would be obligated to obey.

I stopped asking questions after that because I was afraid of what the answers would be.

I’m scared of Mormons now.

All it takes for them to go on a murderous rampage is one of the painfully old men that govern their Church to slip into a mean spirited dementia and they will apparently go burn Madison to the ground without asking any questions.

The question is: are you as brainwashed as the Mormons & Muslims?  If you had a dream where God told you to kill your family, you might actually do it, even if God didn’t explain why it had to be done.  Your belief requires absolute obedience to something you believe 1) exists 2) by definition must be good.  But God is believed to be a good thing only because he said he is good in the bible. If you decided his commandment was evil, you’re still obligated to follow him or burn in hell.

In the bible God asks Israelis to murder thousands of their own people, their sons, innocent women, and so forth.  They all do it without questioning their orders.  Like Nazis just following orders.

Am I missing something here?


In simpler words let me rephrase those paragraphs in two sentences.

Jesus of the 4 gospels doesn’t care about the Gentiles.  It’s only when Paul who never met Jesus, but fell off his horse and had a “vision of Jesus in burning white light” that we got all the stuff about Jesus loving mankind, which is what most people believe Christianity is all about.

No, Jesus loves all, Jew and Gentile alike.  Here is a website for you to check out:

Jesus the concept loves all, but we don’t know very much about the real Jesus.  We don’t even know what he was doing from the time he was a teenager, until he started preaching and traveling around the age of 30, dying around the age of 33.  I guess he carpentered and hung out in synagogues in his twenties.

I’m a bit disappointed you didn’t take the time to read through my walls of text at the very least,  so I’ll stop writing you on religion.  I’m used to not expecting proper responses on religion at this point – everything relies on “faith” and “God works in mysterious ways” and “the bible is true because the bible says it’s true.”

As I said, I don’t really care what stories you believe happened, but I’d rather you don’t apply debunked superstition to vote for horrible things.  At least try to think for yourself without prejudice on things outside of religion.  Is X good because “God” said it is good in the bible, or is it good because it makes sense?  That’s the most important question that has rid us of things like slavery which the bible supports.

Not interested in another Christian propganda website.  I’ve been there and done that already.  If you have something interesting you want to point me to, I’m all ears.   I’m here precisely because I keep an open mind when I evaluate questions, unlike most Christians.

By the way I found out Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Andrew Carnegie are all Agnostic, despite being charitable.  I’m finding out most of the “great men” I respect were, even if they don’t talk about it much.  The more educated or wealthy a person is, the more likely he is to become Agnostic.

I am not going to debate the existence of God or Jesus with you, only know that there are a lot of people praying for you.  I am not bending on what I believe in, someday I hope that you understand. 
I don’t always answer right away because I am not on the computer as often as many people.  I will always get back to you, and I am not afraid of uncomfortable questions.  I don’t answer everything, I’ll admit to you that if I did it would be mentally exhausting.  Sorry about that.  I am often tired when I get home from work.  Do remember that as your father I am always here for you and I always will be.  I love you.
Over the weekend a bus driver I work with was killed along with another woman in a kayak accident off the Dungenous Spit near Port Angeles, WA.  Both I believe were saved, so I am at peace with that.  You never know when it’s your time to go.  Always be prepared. 

I would rather the prayerful keep me far away from prayers as this comedian jokes.   I hear the crazy things those people say, and if their thoughts are anything like what they’re saying, I want to stay as far way from their thoughts as possible.  Praying is a fancy way of not doing anything.

In fact, I think it would be more respectful of my right to privacy to not share my views in this hostile climate, and I am disappointed you’ve chosen to tell a church and god knows how many people about my personal details.  I see it as a betrayal, but now there will be unsavory gossip surrounding you too, and I guess that’s karma.

It would be like that time I went to one of your churches after you left and some nosy woman who I’d never met comes up to me and says, “I knew your dad,” and stares at me with these pity eyes, asks some questions about your divorce, your job, and then says she heard a lot about me.  I hate being judged before I meet people, and Christians are incredibly judgemental of Atheists, essentially equating them with Satanists. Scratch that, there’s a more accurate way to put that:  Christians use their bible to be intolerant people, period.

I have nothing against visiting a church once a year if it makes some deluded person happy that I might be saved.  (Even if though it’s boring as hell, I feel zero spirituality in a church, and I dislike the fake people that shake your hand there.)   That said, I’ll be sure not to go to your church if I ever visit you again for the reason that because you’ve told them to pray for me, I’m already judged there.

Believing in an afterlife is running away from accepting how short life truly is and making the best of it.  There is zero evidence of life after death, and Albert Einstein even called it a child-like belief.  I honestly feel more at peace now that I don’t have to worry about an angry God condemning me, or my friends.  There’s less stress.  One life is good enough for me, and when I’m through I’ll leave gracefully, and make room for the next deserving person.  I’m not greedy enough to demand immortality.

Here’s another news flash: every Christian at your church thinks they’re saved, just because they think they’re better than most of the world.  But they can’t all be saved because the Christian churches disagree on so much.   “The road to hell is broad, and the gates to heaven are narrow.”  A third of the world is Christian, so go figure how many Christians must burn on Judgement Day according to this quote.

I’m still disappointed you didn’t read through that long letter I wrote you.  I’m pretty sure you didn’t; when I was in your shoes I would stop reading a book if the author said he was Atheist.  That’s what you call brainwashing, and it’s nothing but paranoia, driven by incredible fear.

Although the letter was addressed to you, I’ve saved it because it took some time and encapsulates a lot of solid ideas you probably haven’t given serious consideration of.   Perhaps I can reference it for ideas someday.  That’s the most I can salvage when you refuse to read things through.

Again, it’s your choice if you want to remain brainwashed, but don’t impose your delusions on others.   Society doesn’t honor the dangerous delusions of schizophrenics, but we are forced to honor the paranoia religious people spout because this country 73% Christian, even though Christian philosophy directly results in so much evil.  (See my other e-mail on homosexuality.)

Since you like ending emails with God bless, even though you know your God is going to condemn me to burn in hell for eternity, I’ll conclude with a counter quote.

“Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then He is not omnipotent.
Is He able, but not willing? Then He is malevolent.
Is He both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil?
Is He neither able nor willing? Then why call Him God?”


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