Intelligent Design thread

Take a look around you, atheist. Do you really believe it’s all just coincidence?

There are patterns that arise due to chance, and patterns that arise due to natural laws. Natural laws could easily have arisen due to chance, therefore I find chance is a more plausible and satisfying explanation than accepting an undefined hypothesis that every single thing arose from the mechanisms of an invisible intelligent hand.

Sometimes I think parables and metaphors are necessary verbosity to explain things because abstract logic assumes an understanding of certain vocabulary, and this assumes too much of a shared education. Jesus had a good idea with his parables, analogies, and metaphors so let me rephrase that from the assumption the op might have misunderstood my last post.

By patterns arising from natural laws, I am including probability, and it makes sense that if you throw darts at a target the densiry of the hits will tend to land I’m concentric circles around the bulls eye. Look at an ink blob or cloud to see how a mind can create patterns where none exist.

No, it’s not coincidence. There’s a method to the madness of the universe, obviously. It doesn’t mean human-like entities had to create it though.

We as humans like to anthropomorphize, we see human nature or put human nature in animals, robots, cartoons and so on. Just because you biologically birthed from someone doesn’t mean man birthed into existence by something that’s in man’s likeness, a god figure. As I mentioned elsewhere, by that reasoning, it makes just as much sense to assume dual gods that brought us into existence.

And just because you’re an intelligent (?) and complex entity doesn’t mean you came from something more intelligent and complex. You’re a complex organism composed of much smaller and simpler pieces. It can be argued complexity and intelligence can arise from simplicity, so you don’t have to assume we came from something more complex and intelligent.

>it was made just for me because that’s what I like

This is basically an appeal to emotion. There’s plenty of people in pain or living a shitty life that feel this isn’t for them. You’re fitting a niche in the ecosystem. Do you think bacterium, if they could think, would think it was made just for them because they’re all comfy and cozy eating away at your cells? If they weren’t there to fill the niche, something else would fill it. You’re filling a niche and assuming because it feels it’s made for you that some entity did it for you. What you don’t remember is all the “pioneers” that came before you that didn’t fit that niche and died or failed to reproduce successfully to fit in your same environment and conditions.

All the ones that were perhaps allergic to potatoes at times it was a main food source, they stopped reproducing to make way for you. It wasn’t made just for them, apparently. All those that died because they couldn’t synthesize Vitamin D as well so the lighter skinned people survived more in the north. All those that had less efficient digestive systems died because they used more calories than there were, perhaps. I know this feeling also, of feeling that it was all made for you and so some entity in your likeness or that you can relate to put you here. But take note, there’s plenty of people that don’t feel this way.

I can’t say why you’re wrong for believing in gods or a god because that’s your preference but I can explain why I don’t.

We might all be on the level of bacteria to a greater deity that has no interest in us, and we exist trapped a universe that was created to decorate a marble in an even bigger universe. Like in the ending of that Men in Black movie.

Oh yeah. I guess to be truly intellectually honest we can’t 100% discount anything. If I did believe in a god, it would be more as Einstein’s impersonal god. One that is no more aware of us than we are of our individual cells, bacteria, molecules, etc but one where we wouldn’t exist if not for it and they wouldn’t exist if not for our collective.

I’d rather go with my default and just assume null or all possibilities until it plays any sort of relevance in my life. Like a wave function, it’s everywhere and nowhere, so to speak, until acted upon. The universe is pretty mind-blowing and I just don’t see how anyone can assume so few possibilities.

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