“How do you deal with Armageddonlogists?” thread

The end is nigh! Nigh I tell you!

How do you deal with those that are convinced the end of the world is near?

I have a well-off relative who spent on a whole bookshelf of Christian books on the end times. She gathered the family on Thanksgiving to tell us China is in the bible, and the current wars in the Middle East are signs that the final Armageddon will soon happen in Israel. It’s not enough for her to be special because she is a true Christian who will dwell in heaven. In her mind she lives as one of the last humans of all time.

Some of these people buy canned food, water, or guns. Others stockpile gold like the Jehova Witness. They can’t plan for a peaceful life because their mentality is stuck in survival mode.

I’ve also heard pastors saying they believed we lived at the end, and the local pastor offered bible studies on Revelation every Wednesday for nearly six months, which gave my Grandmother nutty ideas. (I should have gone along for laughs.) The devout pupils of “Armageddonology” dwell here too.

If you’re talking to a christian.

>”But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.

Simple as that. If they believe the scripture is infallible then I don’t see how they could think they possibly know better.

One thing I remember reading is that over 50% of christians in the USA believe that they’re living in the end times. I’m going to guess most generations of christians before them thought the same.

A bit scary, but most of them don’t act on it.

>How do you deal with those that are convinced the end of the world is near?

Don’t talk to them, they are crazy.

What makes me sad is that I see great people sadly falling into this religion junk shit, very sad.

For the longest god damned time I’ve feared that shit.

When I was a kid, I was scared to death of Y2K. From 2003 I was afraid of 2012 coming. After 2012, I had enough with this garbage, and transitioning from agnostic to atheist only made me realize even more how stupid half this shit was, and that I was freaking out about a stupid calendar ending.

My paranoid dad stashed a few months of canned food for Y2K just to be safe, like they do in Alaska. I got sick and tired of eating canned beef stew and chicken noodle soup that year.

Why the hell would your dad have you eat away at the reserves? Shouldn’t you only be eating the canned stuff AFTER the world has ended?

I assume probably to eat the food that’s soon to expire and buy fresh canned food.

Waste not, want not, anon.

I’ve always been surprised how central the role is of the End Times. I believe that both Christianity and Islam started as End Times cults (there’s a particularly interesting book on this by Stephen Shoemaker called Death of a Prophet) and when the End Times didn’t come, were converted into life philosophies, with the End Times beliefs pushed forward in time

I also don’t think there has been any idea that has been more nihilistic and at the same time more influencial than the End Times. From the Book of Daniel in Judaism all the way up to the idea of a violent revolution in Marxism, just about every mass philosophy seems to be influenced by this idea of ‘let’s destroy everything, then utopia will suddenly arise’. Pretty scary if you ask me


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