Does the Universe have a beginning?

This is the type of a question you shouldn’t try to answer with certainty. It’s another unknowable question, like “Is there a deity, yes or no?” Or, “Is there an invisible soul that transcends bodily death?”

Long ago physics could have been very different before the Big Bang, and we have no known way of observing the records of that universe. Any information from before that time must be lost by now. It’s as futile as an old man that tries to remember his life inside his mother’s womb.

It is dangerous to cling to your best reasoning when there can be very little evidence to support your assumptions. That’s what creates the cycle of old religions giving way to the new religions. Gullibility that comes from hubris is a timeless human flaw, and it’s an obstacle to be aware of.

P.S.  (However, the souls question was intended to be unanswerable though, like a koan. And you’ll never have proof souls don’t exist.)


See Aquinas rebuttal

That said, physicists say the concept of time had no meaning before the big bang. In fact our definition of time now depends on how far light can move, since our system of time depends upon relativity.


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