Atheist Humor

Anti-gay by Uganda Pastor
40 minutes in it gets funny when he starts shaking vegetables around to describe how lesbians have sex.  He even eats some during the video (at 45:00.)

This influencial Ugandan pastor actually whipped up legislation to hang gays by talking like this.   The second video is the reaction of him showing gay hardcore pornography in a church.  Best part is this guy spoke to the UN, and actually came to Saddleback Church (the 7th largest church in America) to give a speech.

“God is like a Shitty Girlfriend” by Louis CK

Back then there were like eight guys and sometimes god would bother one of them in the middle of the night.
“Abraham! Abraham!  Kill your son dude!  Kill him! Kiiiiill him!  I’m God so kiiiiilll him….”

“Because you don’t love me, you dont love me if you don’t do it.  Kiiiiiiill him!”
“Dude you are insecure, but fine.”
Then as he’s about to kill him God appears and literally says, it’s in the bible, “What are you doing?  He’s your son!”
And abraham goes home with his kid mentally confused.  “What does (my girlfriend) want from me?!”
God hates the tips (of little babies’ dicks) by Trevon
Cult – Cathy Don’t Go (to the supermarket today!) by Family International
Atheists vs Christian perceptions by Darkmatter2525
How to Start your own Cult
Jesus lifts weights forever in heaven (Near death experience)
Kid claims to have had a near death experience and gone to heaven in this video.  He finds out Jesus is a buff man who just lifts weights forever and ever in heaven, with even bigger muscles than God.  The boy tries to talk to him but Jesus is too busy lifting weights and repeating….
“I need to get huge, I need to stay huge. I need to get huge, I need to stay huge.”
The video is a parody of all the videos about near death experiences, which are probably caused by your brain panicking when it is about to die. (One of the Christian boys who had such an experience even tried to speak out against a best selling Christian book someone had written on his experiences, and in response they deleted him from their facebook page.)

Holy Ghost Terrorizing Christians in a Church

Funny Videos – Street Fighter “Church Edition” (Hadouken)

Benny Hinn – let the bodies hit the floor

Perry Bible Comic – Spelling Bee


Can’t Touch Mormon Jesus


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